Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jewel Kade Photo Charms

If you do not already have a Jewel Kade Photo Charm.... you need to be clicking on over to my website to create your own NOW!!!!!

These photo charms are one of a kind pieces that will be truly treasured.  Whether they are for a gift, or for yourself.... they are PRICELESS!

Check out some of the amazing photo charms that I have created for others, for gifts for my family and then for myself!

 A gift for her daughter, who just got engaged to this Marine, who was just deployed to Afghanistan!

A gift for Grandma!

 Showcase the Athlete in your life (can use school logos with permission).

A gift for Grandma (my kids)

And for ME :)

Photo charms start at only $62 and are fully customizable! 

Here are two of my favorite necklaces for Photo charms:

Rolo 24" or 30"

Crystal Carriage Necklace (only available through 1/31/12)

Head on over to My Website to start creating your own today!


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