Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jewel Kade Year End Sale!

end of year


Beginning this Thursday, Dec. 20, 9 am PST, Jewel Kade will have it's first-ever Year-End Sale with 20-60% discounts on select designs.  That's right:  Jewel Kade is opening up it's vault and discounting some of your RETIRED favorites!!!

Remember the sale is only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and quantities are LIMITED, so I encourage you to shop early so you can get your favorites before they're sold out.

Add items to your cart.
Click on your cart, click "attach my order to a party"
Add your order to the "Year End Sale" Party.

Q: Which items will be available during the Year-End Sale?

A: The sale collection includes charms and necklaces that have been selected from some of our favorite retired pieces.

Q: When does the sale kick off?

A: The sale begins Thursday, Dec. 20, 9 am PST.

Q: What should I do if the system temporarily goes down due to high-volume activity?

A: JK is increasing server capacity to handle extra volume. However, should the system experience an overload, simply log out, log back in, and place your order.

Q: How long will the sale last?

A: The sale will last ONLY while supplies last. Once the items are sold out - they're simply sold out.

Q: How many of each item will be available?

A: Quantities will be limited to 500 - 1,000 per item, as determined by Jewel Kade.

Q: Is the sale limited to one item per customer?

A: With this sale, there is no limit on quantities per customer.

Q: How will my customers place their orders?

A: Items will be available to order online, http://roxybonds.jewelkade.com

Q: Can Year-End orders be associated with Parties online?

A: We recommend that you DO NOT associate Year-End Sale orders with January Parties. System updates planned for early January may delete any online associations made prior, and therefore Hosts may not get credit for the sales.

Q: Will my customers need an online account?

A: To shop online anytime, customers must have an online account. If you have existing customers who don't have an online account and have NEVER attempted to register online, they can sign up for an account on your Stylist website. They simply need to:
  • Go to your JK Stylist Personal Website.
  • In the upper right corner, click on "Login" then "Sign up."
  • Enter an email address, user name and password.

If at some point you or your customer has tried to register online with that email address (but didn't complete the process), the system will show an error. In this case :
  • The customer can register using a completely different email address (Gmail or Yahoo are free and easy to create new email addresses).

Q: When will the orders ship?

A: Orders will ship the week of January 7.

If you recall JK's Black Friday sale.... the system crashed, Jewel Kade "sold out" in 10 hours (5,000 charm/chain sets), then added another 4,000 sets, which sold out in another 9 hours. 
Since then---- they have upgraded the system to prepare for this sale.
BUT--- shop early and BE PATIENT!!!!  This will be a popular sale and items will sell out fast! 

Make It A JK January

If you haven't already, you’ll want to schedule your January Party. There's no better way to reconnect with your girlfriends after the holidays and pamper yourself with JK Host Rewards than by hosting a January JK Party. But that's not all...

Our January Hosts will enjoy EXTRA REWARDS with a special month-long promotion. Hosts of January Parties with sales of $500 US / $600 CAN or more will receive:

• January 1 -15 – a FREE Hope to Fly 2013 charm (only available with this promotion) and Lock and Key Necklace (debuting in the JK Spring & Summer 2013 Catalog – your chance to get it FREE AND EARLY!)

• January 16 – 31 – an EXTRA 5% in JK KASH


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