Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OWN IT!!!!!!!

Jeanette Lynton of CTMH used this catch phrase "Own It" in a Leadership brochure that I got this week.
To me that means to create and control my own business!!!! Here's how you can get started and OWN IT yourself:

View PDF flier


March is an irresistible time to start your own business. Why, you ask? Enroll during March take advantage of a fabulous bonus offer: your choice of up to two organizational products at 50% off retail price! This is a great way to begin start your business in an orderly and organized fashion at great savings.

Consultants can save approximately $129 with this promotion. During the sign up process you will have the chance to specify which products you would like to purchase. Choose two of the same item if you desire.

March is the best time to march forward and become a Close To My Heart Consultant!

$99 gets you started!


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