Friday, April 24, 2015

Why I've been with CTMH for 8 years

Today is my 8 year Anniversary with Close To My Heart.  I never imagined how my life would change when I decided on a whim to sign up April 24, 2007.  

When I joined CTMH, I was looking for the discount and to share with friends.    
Now, I truly enjoy teaching classes, scrapbooking with my friends and sharing my love for CTMH!  I have earned 3 All-expense paid incentive trips to places I never thought I could afford to go to.  I have been able to take my family on other vacations that we never dreamed we could do.  I am recognized on stage at CTMH Conventions and am even teaching others.  I have a team of CTMH sisters all over the nation that I adore!  I enjoy mentoring them AND learning from them!  This is truly my dream job!!!

Bu, I have a lot on my plate, I admit it!

I constantly am asked HOW I do it..... and of course WHY I choose to do it all.

So here's my story.... I am married to a High School baseball coach (and teacher).  He's been coaching since we met.  His aspirations have always been to coach in college, but for now, he loves coaching at the High School level. Coaching baseball is not just a March through May thing.... its YEAR ROUND!  He starts up at the end of August with fall ball.  That ends at the end of October or so.  At the end of November, they get into try-outs and winter ball.  They are in full-fledged baseball season as soon as winter break ends.  Games begin at the end of February and end with the Valley Championship at the end of May.  As soon as that is done, they try-out for summer ball.  That lasts until through mid-July.  So our summer begins then and ends when I go back to work the second week of August. 
This demanding schedule of the baseball coach gets harder every year!  I signed up for this (as the wife) and I support it. 

I am a full-time teacher too.  I teach elementary school Physical Education. I have been teaching 14 years and I love it (again).  I had a rough couple years, but am back to doing what I love.   

I am a mom of two young kids.  They are now 9, in 3rd grade and almost 7, in 1st grade.  These two alone are enough to keep a mom busy ALL THE TIME!  Between baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, girl scouts, there's never a dull moment and rarely down time. I am such a lucky mom though!  They are truly the light of my life!!!

So HOW do I do it????
*PASSION!---- I have a true passion for memory keeping and helping others preserve memories for years to come. I have the fire, desire and passion for it all.  If I'm going to do something, I'm going to give it my all and get it done!
*EXCITEMENT--- I am excited about my "jobs".  They are not really jobs to me, they are fun!  I try to ooze that enthusiasm. 
*SUPPORT--- for the most part, I have the support from my family.  As long as I put in the time with the fam, they give me the time I need to do what I love to do!
*SLEEP--- while they sleep, I work.  I burn the midnight oil many nights.  I'm the last to sleep and the first to rise.  I don't do naps.  Luckily, I can survive like this! 

WHY do I do it all????
*LOVE--- I love baseball!  I love teaching!  I love my husband and kids!  I love scrapbooking! 
*JOY---- The look on my customer's faces when they create something that they LOVE!  The excitement of my kids when they can create with me, when I make them something or when I show them scrapbook pages of them.  The smile on my hubby's face when I can say "the business paid for that".  


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