Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Studio J- Holiday Photo Cards

Yes, you heard that right... you can create your own amazing Photo Cards in CTMH's Digital Online Program- STUDIO J!!!!!

Last year, fellow Director, Brae, shared hers with me.  She has a tutorial on her blog of how she created these.  I instantly fell in love!  The Sparkle & Shine collection is beautiful and looks perfect as photo cards!  Don't you think??

(These are my cards from last year)

Think about this.... if you are going to buy custom made photo cards--- I'm talking GOOD QUALITY PRINTED PHOTO CARDS--- what would you pay???  $1.50-$2.00 per card??? 

Here I have 8 photo cards that are 4x8.  They will fit into a standard letter envelope, with regular postage. THIS MONTH Price:  $5 ((After tax & shipping, cost is LESS THAN $1 per card))

Ready to create your own???  Head on over to Studio J and get started today!  
Want some help???  I'm happy to create for you :)  email me at to place your order! 

There are so many different things you can do with these cards!  Brae used black and white photos.  She is also printing two 4x4 photos in the top right corner of the layouts.  Awesome way to maximize that space :)  

Here, fellow Director Michele created 5x7 cards using the Jingle collection.  Again- 8 cards for $5!  


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