Thursday, June 27, 2013

Convention Team Gifts

The 2013 Close To My Heart Convention has begun!!!

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My team has all arrived, we are so excited to start the FIRST DAY of Convention!  This is a BIG DAY!  We get to hear ALL the new and exciting announcements about product AND we get a copy of the Autumn Winter Idea Book :)

Today I want to share with you the gift I made for my team this year!  AND I'll share with you (again) the gifts I have given my team over the past couple years :)

I know you've seen these CHUNKY NECKLACES all over the place.  I started seeing them about a year ago and thought they were silly (for kids and adults).  Last month my daughter turned 5 years old.  While looking at birthday ideas, I came across a couple chunky necklaces and thought they would make a cute gift for her.  Then I decided to make them as party favors for the (4) girls at her family party.  


This is NOT my first attempt at jewelry making, so I bought my supplies and got started.  This was the necklace that the girlies got as party favors:

Somehow in the process of planning for pink necklaces, I decided to make them for my team as well.  I think they turned out super cute and I have already been wearing mine!!!

How much have you seen this sold for?????
How much do you think it cost me????

I have seen these priced anywhere from $18 to $45.  YES, I'm not kidding, $45!!!!

The pink with giant flower cost under $10 to make, and the Disney one about $13 to make. 


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