Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CTMH-- Studio J Love Your Layout

Have you been keeping up with Close To My Heart's Studio J: Love Your Layout videos?  I have been learning so many tricks and tips from these videos.  You really CAN create a layout in under 30 minutes! 

Here are the last few months of Love Your Layout:

February: Creating your own patterned paper with Stella Kit

March: Using the Stitching Tool with Florentine Kit

April: Enhancing Photos with Pemberly Kit

May: Embellishing Across Two Pages with Lucy Kit

and June: Getting the Polaroid Look with Cruisin Kit

Here's a tip:  keep the video open in one screen and Studio J open in another and go back and forth while followin along with the video.  You can pause and go back on the video too!  YOU can create the exact same layout as CTMH has done in no time at all! 

New to Studio J???  It's free to try- did you know that??  You can create as many layouts as you like for FREE!  The only time you pay is when you want to print.  A membership is the way to go if you want to print- as the pricing is fabulous and shipping is FREE too! 

TRY STUDIO J today! 


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