Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jewel Kade October Special

Want this for free??????

This gorgeous Jewel Kade Tote Bag could be YOURS for FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

Here's how:

Sign up as a Jewel Kade stylist before October 31st. 
Then sell $1000 by November 30th. 

That's all!  It's that easy!

Now here's the real deal:  
Jewel Kade is a ground floor opportunity.  There are only 1800 stylists NATION WIDE in Jewel Kade.  There are some areas out there that are literally untapped, wide open... just waiting for YOU to Charm them!  Jewel Kade is hand crafted, unique charms and chains that are MADE IN THE USA!  Talk about quality work--- I'm always blown away! 

I am offering you a gift, a true gift, that you can then share with others!

I invite you to become a part of my team, and together we will soar to new levels, charm the lives of many lovely ladies and make some good spending cash while doing it! 




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