Monday, July 25, 2011

CTMH--- New Hostess Clubs Forming!!!

Do you love Close To My Heart Products as much as I do?

Are you new to the hobby and want to learn more and increase your product stash?
Do you already place at least a $15 order monthly?
Would you like to receive at least $25 in FREE product- without doing a thing?
Do you want more CTMH products but are not local?

If you said YES to any of these questions than I have a great deal for you!!

Join my Monthly Hostess Club! 

I already have two clubs going currently, with both LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE friends! I have run online hostess clubs through this board for the past three years, all of which have been very successful and have led to many joining my team.

Starts August 1st with the NEW IDEA BOOK!

What does the monthly club entail you want to know?

* The minimum monthly order is only $25 (plus shipping & tax) per month for 6 months for the Autumn/Winter Idea Book (August thru January)


* The minimum monthly order is only $15 (plus shipping & tax) per month for 12 months for the Autumn/Winter AND the Spring/Summer Idea Book (August thru July)!!

* This is just a "virtual" type club. We don't physically meet anywhere. It's just a way if you like our products to order each month and then one of the months you earn FREE product without having to do anything.
Benefit: This helps you budget your supplies a little at a time.

* Each month you will take turns being the Hostess.-You will earn at least $25 in FREE Close To My Heart product when it your turn to be the hostess. Most of my hostesses are earning $60 plus 1/2 priced items AND more!!!
-You can choose from stamp sets, paper packets, ink pads, markers, cardstock, acrylic blocks and more.
Benefit: When it is your month you can collect outside orders from friends and family to increase the amount of FREE goodies you get. . Those sales would count towards your Hostess Month. However, you do not have to do this to join the's just a way to earn even more FREE goodies.
-The rewards get better as the orders increase in amount.

In addition to being the hostess, all members will receive:
* FREE Idea Books before other customers -
-Autumn/Winter 2011 and
-Spring/Summer 2012 (you will get it in January when everyone else receives it in February).
* A FREE gift just for joining!
* Stamp of the Month for FREE during hostess month
* One month of being the hostess earning at least $25 in FREE products. Hostesses average $60 or more and as much as $200 or more in FREE Product plus half-priced items.
* Periodic sales, sample products and goodies from me!
* At the end of the club you will receive a mini stamp set as a Thank You for participating!

How exactly does this work?
*All orders should be sent to me via e-mail by the 15th of each month!! I put in your order individually, shipping directly to you!
*Orders are processed and shipped straight to YOU as soon as you place your order. No more waiting for the whole group, or waiting for me to get it then ship it to you. This also saves you on shipping costs!

Be sure to check out my CTMH WEBSITE HERE to see ALL the amazing products we have to offer!

If you are ready to join, or have any questions please send me an email at


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