Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 CTMH Convention--- Disneyland!

I am beyond excited about the upcoming CTMH Convention!  This will be my second convention and I am so LUCKY and THANKFUL that it's close to home at DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!

In case you didn't know, Disneyland is my most favorite place!  Its the Happiest Place on Earth!

My family and I will enjoy a couple of days at the parks before the convention starts. 

I am thrilled that 5 members of my team, in addition to MANY MANY other local teammates will be there!  I'm excited that some of my other CTMH friends will be there too- some that I've yet to meet!  It's going to be one big happy party :)

I plan to pre-schedule some posts while I'm gone..... but I'll have MUCH BETTER stuff to post about when I return! 


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