Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CTMH-- Studio J Updates

I <3 CTMH!
They really really listen to their customers and consultants needs!

FIRST:  Check out this fabulous article on Studio J

Studio J has ENHANCED the member benefits!  
To help make Studio J® as user-friendly as possible, Close To My Heart is removing restrictions on the number of layouts members can purchase at 50% off each month. Effective now,  members are no longer limited to 10 layouts at this price, but will receive the 50% discount on every layout ordered. Members will still receive one free shipment per month for up to 20 layouts when their orders reach the existing minimums. If you have already purchased more than 10 layouts for the month and paid a higher price for the additional layouts, you will be credited the difference automatically on the credit card used for the transaction.

 Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!  I'm so excited about this one!  I ordered my Studio J layouts this month, but stopped at the 10 that were 50% off!  Now we are no longer limited to the amount we will get at a discount!

Become a member today and SAVE BIG!

Memberships and details can be found here:  STUDIO J


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