Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CTMH-- Magic + Magnifique Last one

....for now!

Here is the second of the 2 pages that we completed at Convention. We used the Magnifique Kit once again.   If you missed the first, see it HERE.
This is yet another interactive layout I created using the all new Magic How-To book.

When corporate asked us to bring photos for this layout, it listed 20 pictures in different sizes for "layout 2".  I thought to myself "how in the world will I fit 20 pictures on one page?" and "I don't have 20 pictures of the same event".  Sure enough, using the new 12" flip flaps, this layout has 21 pictures on it!

This ONE layout has almost ALL of the pictures from our camping trip to the beach this year in it.  I saved a couple to do another layout with.  WOW!!!!!!  Four day's worth of vacation packed into ONE LAYOUT!!!!! 

Magnifique Level 2
Z1325 12" Flip Flaps   
Black Marker
9034 Magic
Z1261 Lots of Dots Alphabet

Order your Magnifique Kit of the Month and YOU could create this layout too!


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