Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christmas Cards

All right, my local friends, I need your input!!!!!

I am trying to plan out my next workshop and really want to do Christmas cards! Couple things I'm deciding between....

I can do a multi card workshop, like 10-20 cards, all different designs, workshop cost would be $1.00 per card.


I can do 5 different designs (all the same color scheme) and you make 10 each of those cards. This would be a $50 workshop, for 50 cards, but I would include a stamp set and an ink pad, in addition to all the embellishments that would go on the cards.


I can do 1 or 2 designs (possibly cards that would work as photo cards with a wallet sized photo) and you make 50 cards for $50, also including a stamp set and an ink pad.

So what do you think, give me some feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would the end of September or the beginning of October work best for you???? It would be a 6+ hour event.



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